Dissertation Dialogue Allow. Spend Money On Thesis

Dissertation Dialogue Allow. Spend Money On Thesis

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Skinny Jeans & Fat Pants

(Please scroll down for english version)

Vi har dem alle tror jeg. Dét der par jeans vi bruger til at holde styr på vægten. Dét par, der afslører alt for godt når man lige har taget lidt på. Dét par vi aldrig smider ud, for målet er altid at kunne få rumpen ned i dem (på et eller andet tidspunkt i det mindste).

7 for all mankind - my beloved "Skinny Jeans"

Jeg har dem også – mine er et par “7 for all mankind”, og de sidder bare helt fantastisk, og har små similistene på baglommerne (man er vel en diva ;)). Pt kan jeg ikke passe dem, men da jeg som bekendt er på kur, så går der vist ikke en uge uden jeg prøver at få dem på.

Diet Pants

Én ting er hvad vægten siger, og jeg kan mærke på min krop at træningen er i fuld gang med at ommøblere på fysikken. Rumpen hejses langsomt men støt, baglårene er pludselig faste, og taljen er forløbigt mindsket med 12cm. Det er jo fint nok, men det der i virkeligheden tæller, er den skønne dag, hvor jeg igen kan få rumpen ned i mine favorit jeans. Jeg glæder mig. Uge for uge kommer jeg langsomt tættere på, og inden længe kan de komme helt op om rumpen og lukkes (hvis jeg vel og mærke ligger ned, suger maven ind, og aldrig trækker vejret mere).

Soon baby – soon we will be together again <3

Hvad er dine “Skinny jeans”, og kan du passe dem?

/Divalove fra Rikke


We all have them I think – that perfect pair of jeans which we use to control if we gained weight. That special pair we never throw out, because we are always aiming to be able to fit them.

7 for all mankind - my beloved "Skinny Jeans"

I have them too – mine are a pair of “7 for all mankind”, and they look GREAT. Small swarowski stones on the back pockets (Very divalike of course). Right now they don’t fit, but as you know I am on a diet, so not a week passes by without me trying to see if they fit me now.

Of course I follow my weightloss like a hawk, and I can see that all those visits to the gym are starting to pay off. My weight is slowly but steadily going down, the buttocks are suddenly lifted, and my waistline is already reduced by 12cm. That’s okay, but what really counts, is that fine day where I will be able to fit my favorite jeans again. Then I will be truly happy. Week by week I am one tiny step closer, and soon they are able to pass by my butt and can be zipped (if I lie down, suck my stomach in, and never breathe again).

Soon baby – soon we will be together again <3

What are your “Skinny jeans”, and do they fit?

/Divalove from Rikke

It’s not fashion darling!

(Scroll down for english version)

I dag hiver jeg fat i en af mine yndlingsaversioner – joggingbuksen! Faldt over denne udtalelse, og jeg elsker den.

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.”
— Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld

Manden har jo ret. Jeg ejer selv et lækkert sæt fra Juicy Couture, men jeg kunne aldrig finde på at tage dem på som et stykke modetøj. De hører til i et træningscenter – alternativt kan de bruges hvis man ligger syg og ynkelig derhjemme, eller på en kold vinterdag, hvor man hygger indenfor. ALDRIG ude blandt andre mennesker (igen er træningscenter selvfølgelig undtaget).

Får virkelig lyst til at ruske op i folk når jeg ser dem i joggingbukser. Stoffet gør ikke ligefrem noget flatterende for figuren, og enhver lille bule eller delle fremhæves.

Hvad siger i? Er joggingbukser smarte i jeres verdensbillede?

Længere nede finder i nogle af de værste eksempler – og der er mange at tage af!


Saw this and I absolutely love this quote:

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.”
— Karl Lagerfeld

The man is right. I have a nice set from Juicy Couture, but I never wear them as a fashion item. They will NEVER be fashionable. Sweatpants are meant for the gym. On a cold winter morning at home, or if you are down with the flu, sweatpants can be comfortable. Otherwise it is a no-go in my opinion!

The fabric is definitely not flattering for your figure either.

What do you think?

I’ll give you some of the worst examples here:

Living in a Hula Hoop Hell

Gosh. I really must be a slow learner or just plain stupid. Believe it or not – today I went to the gym again, in spite of 2 days with painkillers. Man, when will I learn!

(Min Gud, jeg er bare ikke den skarpeste kniv i skuffen, eller også er jeg direkte dum! Tro det, eller ej – i dag smuttede jeg i Nøglehullet igen, trods 2 dage på panodiler. Hvornår lærer jeg det?)

First my usual 30min fatburning/climbing mountains on the treadmill…

(Først mine sædvanlige 30min med fedtforbrænding på løbebåndet)

Then some fitness in general (30 min)…

(Så lidt generel styrketræning samt vægte i 30min)


Only to end up doing the same stupid thing as last time. This time for almost 10 minutes!!! I tell you – I don’t think I will ever learn!

(Bare for at ende op med at gøre det samme latterlige stunt som sidst – Powerhoopen. Denne gang dog i 10minutter! Jeg siger jer – Jeg lærer det nok aldrig!)


Well, I will share some of the music I listen to while doing these crazy stupid things. This tune I just love, and it is brilliant for both the treadmill and workout in general (also the powerhoop from hell)

(Well, jeg vil dog lige benytte lejligheden til at dele et stykke skønt musik, som jeg hører imens jeg laver alle disse sindsyge ting i nøglehullet. Den er perfekt til både løbebåndet og styrketræningen – OGSÅ Powerhoop’en fra helvede)

Giampiero Ponte feat Moran – Sphynx (Club Mix)

Divalove/ Rikke

5QQ’s to the divalicious painter/artist Paul Enøe Johansson

Ohh – you Divalovers are in for a treat now! Let me introduce the Danish painter Paul Enøe Johansson.

Paul is quite a new friend of mine. I know Paul from my local gym (Yeah – when I actually get my act together, lift my fat butt from the couch, and go there), and I always enjoy his company. We both love art and photographing, so it is really nice to have someone interesting to talk to in between the sweats.

His paintings are really awsome. I mean really really divalicious! On top of that he made quite a name of himself on the Danish art scene. You can see some of his work here!

Some of my personal favorites are the “Shelf pictures” as seen here.

You can mix and match the as you please, which is an idea I really love.

AND they are really hot 🙂 !!!

Here we go….

Happy reading Divalovers!
/Divalove from Rikke

1) What do you do for a living and why?

Besides from being a painter, I am a teacher. It would supposedly be a shame for the students, if I wasn’t. I feel that I fill up an important place…

2) Who/what inspires you (and why)?

I’m inspired when interacting with other people. I can’t do many things alone. Also I am a dialectician …

3) What is your passion in life, and what makes you happy?

I am an intellectual and I absolutely love the dialogue. The combination of a woman and a talent is my passion, and that is what really inspires me in my paintings!

4) What is the best advice you would give your younger self #Dearyoungme?

I did the right thing when I was focused, and fought all the odd goals. I have been a good woodsman/lumberjack, a powerful semi-skilled worker at the B&W, a brave andobliging professional fisherman, a fast paperboy, an exciting workshop leader for the youth in a club, a avid writer author with important educational, political, and ethical messages, etc, etc.

Finally, now I am a painter as a hobby that fills the empty moments and keeps the heavy thoughts from everyday life in a distance …

5) What are your dreams and goals for the future?

My goals for the future are few and small …. I’m a very happy man!

I just hope I will always treat my wife decent, and I hope my body stays in shape till the end <3

The Painter

5 Quick Questions – Anne-Grete Belmadani, Professional Blogger

Let me introduce you to todays divachick: Anne-Grete “blog mama” Belmadani.

Anne-Grete is besides being a professional blogger (she blogs at Bonnier Publications/I Form under the name “Den Blonde Blog” as well as her Personal blog), also a web editor, and internal blog coach at Bonnier Publications. He has recently held 5 popular blog courses at Berlingske – and has since 2010, given Denmark more than 100 new bloggers.

This October I have the huge honor of teaching at a blog course at Berlingske Media together with Anne-Grete.

Enjoy/Divalove from Rikke

What do you do for a living and why?

I work with creating and developing content for the web – both articles and blogs – and then I teach the art of blogging. I love to work with communication, and helping others to become even better at communicating.

What are your hobbies?

Yoga, running, cycling, wellness, spa, family & friends. And sometimes a little gardening!

What makes you happy?

When people I love are happy. And when I do something good for myself.

Who inspires you?

The American coach Cheryl Richardson – and Ole Henriksen – in terms of their mindsetabout wellness. Professionally, I will highlight the blogger David Meerman Scott, who is revolutionizing the way we can produce stunningly effective, authentic and cheappublicity on the Internet, with “the new rules of PR.”

What is your personal style and you have a favorite designer / brand?

My style is feminine – and I love clothes from Mango and Zara.

Domestic Diva training

Just came back from the gym. This is my kind of motivation. As a diva I DO care about my looks though God somehow chose to make keeping your figure more complicated the older you get. Hard work diva’s – hard work! Now hitting the shower whilst trying to get the kids to clean up their mess (I know I know, but I still have the hope I will succeed in that someday)

Have a lovely day Diva’s

/Domestic Diva kiss