Blue velvet by Lana Del Rey for H&M?

So H&M announced that they are going to use Lana del Rey for their campaign. They call it “Blue Velvet” and the trailer can be seen here! No doubt the H&M collection is going towards the 1950ies – 60ies, but many questions are in my my head.

Will she be singing the song?

Will the video pay respect to the cult film “Blue Velvet”?

Is Lana Del Rey able to make another hit album, or will she be a “one hit wonder”?

I guess time will show. Meanwhile I will be down at H&M shopping for a couple of classic dresses and a leopard cardi ūüėČ

See ya!



Lana Del Rey for H&M
Blue Velvet

Stop Staring – the brand that makes people stare

Just wanted to share some of my precious darlings with you. It’s the wonderful US brand called “Stop Staring” and the pieces they design are both classical, ultra feminine and gorgeous at the same time.

“Stop Staring”¬†makes some of the most gorgeous pieces that really enhances your best and hides your worst. “Stop Staring” really knows how to design for a curvy female figure.

Here are two of my favorites, and of course theres both polkadots and the color red involved.

What do you think?

/Divalove to Stop Staring


Mondo Kaos – Highway to Heaven – Domestic Diva Shopping

When the cat is out..

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S√• k√łber Minnie Mouse nye sko!

√Öh, fandt ud af p√• facebook i dag, at Lola Ramona holder lagersalg i dag via Leonora Christine Skov, der har en lige s√• stor passion for sko og kjoler som jeg har. For at smide malurt i b√¶geret sendte hun mig et billede p√• et helt fantastisk par. Kan selvf√łlgelig ikke tage derind, da jeg er hjemme med syg datter. Hvad g√łr en klog, og hvad g√łr jeg?

Googlede som en sindsyg, og voila. Et par nu indk√łbt (til fuld pris). Glemmer nu ALT om at der rent faktisk er lagersalg, hvor jeg ganske sikkert kunne f√• dem til halv pris, og gl√¶der mig i stedet som et lille barn juleaften til at modtage mine nye babies.

Se lige her – er de ikke bare to-die-for?

/Pure Divalove

Lola Ramona Tie shoes
Lola Ramona

When the cat is out – Minnie Mouse is buying new shoes!

Oh, found out on facebook today that Lola Ramona is having a huge sale via Leonora Christina Skov, who has an equally strong passion for shoes and dresses as I have. To make things even worse, she sent me a picture of an amazing pair. Can not go to the sale, since I am home with sick daughter. What to do?

Googled like a mad, and voila. A gorgeous pair is now purchased (at full price). Now I will forget all about my next bank statement and the sale in Copenhagen. I am sooo looking forward to receive my new babies.

Look at them – aren’t they are not¬†just¬†two-die-for?

/Pure Diva Love

Undercover Diva

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Well, som i nok har bemærket, har jeg været gevaldigt undercover i denne uge. UNDSKYLD! (i må have dagens 5QQ til gode)

Den d√•rlige opf√łrsel skyldes stor travlhed som f√łlge af nogle:

  1. Skelsættende beslutninger
  2. Dagligdags g√łrem√•l
  3. Samt ikke mindst et folketingsvalg

ad 1) Har haft et par tilbud, og har nu valgt at takke ja tak til en super spændende og meget udfordrende opgave. Stopper derfor som selvstændig konsulent, og starter mandag morgen i nyt job (farvel frihed, og goddag kæmpe opgave)

ad 2) Iht ad 1, fik jeg pludselig MEGA travlt med at f√• en masse ting p√• plads. Mener VIRKELIG travlt. Good thing – s√łd reng√łringsdame er nu p√• plads – bad thing – au-pair stadig ikke p√• plads! (HJ√Ü√Ü√Ü√Ü√ÜLP)

Fik desuden k√łrt lidt powershopping igennem. Utroligt s√• effektiv jeg kan blive under pres. Har haft virkelig sv√¶rt ved at finde t√łj mm i meget lang tid, men det lykkedes mig rent faktisk at finde lidt de sidste par dage. Har desuden i dag fundet en sk√łn ny neglelak fra mit elskede Chanel. Den hedder Rose Cach√©, og er fra deres Rouge Allure Velvet efter√•rs kollektion. Er den ikke sk√łn? Den er lige kommet i butikkerne sammen med 2 andre sk√łnne farver. Meget Potter trendy fandt jeg ud af ūüôā

Chanel "Rose Caché"
Chanel "Rose Caché"

Hey – Fandt mig ogs√• en ny dejlig m√łrker√łd lipgloss agtig l√¶bestift fra Lancome. Min elskede No. 76 Stromboli fra Chanel var brugt heeelt ned

Chanel 76 Stromboli
My beloved Chanel 76 Stromboli Lipstick

, OG udgået (argh),

så siden foråret har jeg ledt efter en erstatning. Yeah Рendelig fandt jeg den!

Lancome L'Absolu Nu 103
Lancome L'Absolu Nu 103

Fik s√• ogs√• lige shoppet et par kjoler, en hat etc. M√•ske smider jeg nogle billeder op senere af det ūüôā

ad 3) Thumbs up – Danmark har nu sin f√łrste kvindelige statsminister.

Helle Thorning Schmidt
Helle Thorning Schmidt - Foto: Scanpix

Thumbs down – hun er socialdemokrat!¬†S√•dan – I said it…

Ved godt at alle de her nymodens (nu lyder jeg gammel ik?) bloggere st√•r stolt frem og siger de er r√łde. Well, det er jeg IKKE. Jeg er LIBERALIST! Jeg tror p√• at man skal arbejde for at n√• sine m√•l, man skal yde f√łr man kan nyde, vi alle har et ansvar for at v√¶re med til at f√• hjulene til at dreje rundt, OG jeg betaler gladeligt min skat, for jeg mener ogs√• at man skal passe p√• de svage i samfundet!

MEEEN, jeg mener dog ikke, at blot fordi jeg er villig til at knokle 60t/ugl, s√• skal samfundet f√łle sig berettiget til at snuppe 68% af min h√•rdt tjente penge! Lad os for d√¶len bel√łnne dem der gider arbejde, starte virksomheder og dermed skaffe arbejdspladser, i stedet for at skubbe dem v√¶k, og over gr√¶nsen (eller arbejde sort)!

Ha ha Рgæt så hvad jeg stemte på?

Nok om politik! Det er fredag, og livet skal nydes.



As you probably have noticed, I’ve been tremendously undercover this week.¬†SORRY! (I really owe you a 5QQ)

My bad behavior is due to some:

  1. Landmark decissions
  2. Everyday chores
  3. Last but not least – public election in Denmark

Re 1) I have had a few offers lately, and I have finally decided to accept a super exciting and very challenging task. I am therefore stopping as an independent consultant, and Monday morning I will start in my new job (goodbye freedom, hello giant task – looking forward <3 )

Re 2) According to Re 1), I was suddenly in a BIG big hurry to get everything done. REALLY in a hurry – like 5 days to get everything in order. Good thing – nice cleaning lady found – bad thing – au-pair still not found! (HEEEELP)

I have also been doing some power shopping. Incredible how effective I can be under pressure. I have had a really hard time finding clothes lately, but actually managed to find a couple of items the last few days.

I also found a wonderful new nail polish from my beloved Chanel.¬†It’s called Rose Cach√©, and is from their Rouge Allure Velvet autumn collection.¬†Isn’t it beautiful?¬†It just arrived in the stores along with 2 other lovely colors.

Chanel "Rose Caché"
Chanel “Rose Cach√©”

Hey – I also found a lovely dark red lipgloss kinda lipstick from Lancome. My beloved No. 76 Stromboli from Chanel was all worn down, so this was a true blessing!

Chanel 76 Stromboli
My beloved Chanel 76 Stromboli Lipstick

So since spring I have been looking for a replacement – FINALLY I found it!

Lancome L'Absolu Nu 103
Lancome L’Absolu Nu 103 <3

I also shopped a couple of dresses and a hat. I’ll may be sharing a picture or 2 later ūüôā

Re 3) Thumbs up – Denmark now has it’s first female Prime Minister EVER.

Helle Thorning Schmidt
Helle Thorning Schmidt – Foto: Scanpix

Thumbs down – She is a social democrat! There – I said it…

I know that all these new upcomming (now I really sound old right?) bloggers stand proudly and say they are red.¬†Well, I’m NOT.¬†I’m a liberal!¬†I truly believe that we must work hard to achieve our goals, one must give before we can enjoy, we all have a responsibility to help to get the wheels of our society to spin, and I am gladly gladly paying my taxes, because I also believe¬†that one should beware of the weak and less fortuned in our society!

BUT in my opinion, however, though I am willing to work really hard (like 60h a week), society cant feel entitled to grab 68% of my hard earned money (YES – that is happening in Denmark with a social democratic goverment)!¬†Let’s just reward those who wants to work, start businesses etc – and thereby creating jobs for our society, instead of pushing them away, and across the border (or moonlighting)!

Enough already. It is friday – lets enjoy life! Cheers ūüôā



Meet a Diva-designer – 5 QQ’s to Maise

(scroll down for English version)

S√• alle i diva-elskere …¬†I dag¬†har jeg¬†forn√łjelsen af ‚Äč‚Äčat pr√¶sentere¬†en fantastisk divalicious modedesigner.¬†Hendes navn¬†er¬†Maise¬†Deckmann¬†Traasdahl, og ¬†jeg er vild med hendes designs.¬†Hvis¬†du er en sand diva,¬†vil du ogs√• elske det hun laver – Det g√łr jeg i hvert fald! Hun designer dr√łmme udi glamour og fordums storhed.

Med sine kompromisl√łse¬†designs,¬†og hendes¬†flair¬†for kvalitet og¬†pasform,¬†lykkedes det designeren¬†Maise¬†Deckmann¬†Traasdahl,¬†at skabe¬†eksklusive,¬†ekstravagante og meget feminine¬†kollektioner.

Hun er inspireret af¬†divaer¬†fra 40’erne, og¬†modehuse¬†som¬†Chanel og¬†Lanvin. Stilen er¬†vintage, klassisk og¬†sensuel.¬†Dette synes at¬†passe¬†meget godt¬†ind i¬†det nye billede¬†af¬†den moderne¬†kvinde, der¬†√łnsker¬†ikke¬†blot¬†kvalitet, holdbarhed¬†og klasse,¬†men ogs√• √łnsker at kl√¶de sig¬†feminint, fremh√¶ve sin kvindelige¬†magt, b√•de p√• arbejdspladsen,¬†s√•vel som i¬†sin fritid.

Hvad laver du professionelt, og hvorfor?
Jeg er t√łjdesigner, faktisk ser jeg mig selv som kjoleskaber. Jeg er kunstner og forholder mig kunstnerisk til faget. Det er en stor ekspressiv kilde for mig. Jeg er vokset op i en familie fyldt med kunstnere. B√•de billedkunstnereog musikere.
Min egen udtryksform er primært at skabe beklædning, men jeg skriver også digte og noveller.

Hvem/Hvad inspirerer dig?
Jeg er meget inspireret af kvinden som s√•dan og i s√¶r arketypen Divaen. Divaen i filmhistorien, i form af muser i det kunstneriske univers, store kvindelige personer i historien og kvinder som jeg f√łler mig inspireret af. Det kan v√¶re alt fra Marylin Monroe til en kvinde jeg tilf√¶ldigt m√łder. Jeg f√•r lyst til at fort√¶lle hendes historie – fortolke den. og det g√łr jeg gennem et univers af kjoler og kreationer. Jeg danner film inde i mit hoved hvor alle mine kjoler er kostumer…

Hvad er din passion her i livet, og hvad g√łr dig lykkelig?
Min passion er naturligvis at udtrykke mine tanker og f√łlelser til fortolkninger i forskelligt stof – prim√¶rt bekl√¶dning. Jeg ser ikke den store forskel p√• at skrive en digtsamling og at skabe en kollektion. Det giver den samme f√łlelse af tilfredshed og giver de samme sj√¶lelige op og nedture under tilblivelsen. Jeg bliver meget lykkelig n√•r jeg ser at det jeg har skabt bringer gl√¶de. Og n√•r min kollektion kommer ind af d√łren og jerg ser at det jeg har tegnet og designet fungerer pr√¶svist som jeg havde t√¶nkt det.

Jeg kan v√¶re overv√¶ldet af den sk√łnhed jeg ser n√•r en model er i f√łrt mine kreationer og det g√•r op i en st√łrre enhed. S√• kan jeg gr√¶de af gl√¶de. Jeg kan g√• i svime over en blondebes√¶tning eller en anden detalje. Og s√• ejer jeg heldigvis evnen til at gl√¶des over meget sm√• ting. S√• jeg er generelt en meget glad person.

Udover min kunst er den allerst√łrste gl√¶de i mit liv s√• afgjort mine b√łrn og min familie. Det er en daglig gl√¶de.jeg er meget lykkelig.

Hvad er det bedste råd du vil give dig selv som yngre? #Dearyoungme?
Tro nu på dig selv, du kan jo godt. Du er meget stærkere og klogere end du tror.

Hvad er din personlige stil, og hvem er din favoritdesigner/mærke?
Min stil er rimelig tidsl√łs. N√¶rmest sv√¶ver frit mellem stilarter,¬†men altid med et st√¶rkt klassisk pr√¶g og lidt vintage pr√¶get. Kan godt lide de gamle snit som understrejer kvindens figur.

Jeg er ret begejstret for Dior, Lanvin og Chanel

Her er et par billeder af Maises designs:





So divalovers… Today I have the pleasure of introducing an ab-fab divalicious fashion designer. Her name is Maise Deckmann Traasdahl, and she is a 100% divalover. If you are a true diva, you will love her designs. I do!

With her uncompromising design, and her flair for quality and fit, the designer Maise Deckmann Traasdahl succeeds to create exclusive, extravagant and very feminine collections.

Inspired by divas from the 40’s and fashion houses like Chanel and Lanvin, the style is vintage, classical and sensual. This appears to suit very well into the new image of the modern woman who wants not only quality, durability and class, but also wants to dress feminine emphasizing her female power both at work, as well as in her spare time.

What do you do for a living and why?
I am a fashion designer, in fact, I see myself as the dress artist. I am an artist and relate my art to the profession. It is a great expressive resource for me. I grew up in a family filled with artists and musicians.
My own form of expression is primarily to create clothing, but I also write poems and short stories.

Who/what inspires you?
I am very inspired by the woman as such, and especially archetype diva. Diva in film history, in the form of muses in the artistic universe, great female figures in history, and women as I feel inspired by. It can be anything from Marilyn Monroe to a woman I randomly meet. I get the urge to tell her story – interpret it. And do so through a universe of gowns and creations. I form the film inside my head, where all my dresses are costumes …

What is your passion in life and what makes you happy?
My passion is of course to express my thoughts and feelings into interpretations in different fabrics – primarily clothing. I see no great difference between writing a book of poems, and to create a collection. It gives the same feeling of satisfaction, and provides the same emotional ups and downs during the writing. I get very happy when I see that I have created brings joy. When my collection arrives, and I see that what I have drawn and designed works exactly as I had imagined it.

I may be overwhelmed by the beauty I see when a model is wearing my creations and everything seems to connect. Then I weep of pure joy. I can go into a swoon over a lace trim or another detail. And then luckily I own ability to rejoice over very small things. So I’m generally a very happy person.

Besides my art, the greatest joy in my life is definitely my children and my family. They light up my life, and I am very happy.

What is the best advice you would give your younger self #Dearyoungme?
Tro nu på dig selv, du kan jo godt. Du er meget stærkere og klogere end du tror.

What is your personal style and do you have a favorite designer/brand?
My style is reasonably timeless. Always with a strong classical influences and a little vintage. I like the old style which emphasizes a woman’s figure.
I’m pretty excited for Dior, Lanvin and Chanel

You can read more about Maise and her designs here:

/divalove from Rikke

Divalove is in the air – fabulous 5QQ’s coming up!

Guys – please stay tuned. I’ve got some really nice profiles on my 5QQ’s (5 Quick Questions) coming up.

P.S. – got some ab-fab shoes on sale today. Saw some even more ab-fab snakeskin with BLIIIING 20 min later. Not on sale, but… Damn… can’t stop thinking of them now. Gotta have them! Will post pics of them later when I find decent ones to share!

Stylesnob Bargain
Ballerinas, Stylesnob

Until then. Share the Diva love all around you. Stay happy and positive <3
/Love Domestic Diva Rikke