It’s Friday and I’m in love

Yesterday I received a gorgeous new dress delivered by my postman. Last week Collectif had a big sale with 50% discount on everything to celebrate their new webshop. Unfortunately the servers crashed several times while I tried to shop, so all the dresses I wanted to buy, ended up being sold out. Luckily this baby was still available and of course I just had to wear it to work today. They did promise 28 degrees in Copenhagen ;).

Isn’t it lovely? I am absolutely in love <3


P.S. I already got 5 compliments on my Way to work – today is going to be a Good Day ūüôā


Give Me All Your Luvin’ By Madonna – Divamusic

Yesterday I preordered Madonna’s new album on itunes, and as a bonus I got this new song called “Give Me All Your Luvin’ (feat. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.)“. Normally I really love her music and her ability to re-invent herself over and over again. Im not impressed this time though (yet), but the video is pretty cool as always.

I really hope the rest of the album is far better. Lets see – she manages to surprise me every time, so why not now. She is Madonna you know ūüėČ

Give Me All Your Luvin

5 Quick Questions – Anne-Grete Belmadani, Professional Blogger

Let me introduce you to todays divachick: Anne-Grete¬†“blog¬†mama”¬†Belmadani.

Anne-Grete is besides being a professional blogger (she blogs at Bonnier Publications/I Form under the name “Den Blonde Blog” as well as her Personal blog), also a web editor, and internal¬†blog¬†coach¬†at¬†Bonnier¬†Publications.¬†He has recently¬†held 5 popular¬†blog courses¬†at Berlingske¬†– and has since 2010, given Denmark¬†more¬†than 100 new¬†bloggers.

This October I have the huge honor of teaching at a blog course at Berlingske Media together with Anne-Grete.

Enjoy/Divalove from Rikke

What do you do for a living and why?

I work with creating and developing content for the web Рboth articles and blogs Рand then I teach the art of blogging. I love to work with communication, and helping others to become even better at communicating.

What are your hobbies?

Yoga, running, cycling, wellness, spa, family & friends. And sometimes a little gardening!

What makes you happy?

When people I love are happy. And when I do something good for myself.

Who inspires you?

The American¬†coach¬†Cheryl¬†Richardson¬†–¬†and Ole¬†Henriksen¬†– in terms of¬†their¬†mindsetabout¬†wellness.¬†Professionally, I will¬†highlight¬†the blogger¬†David¬†Meerman¬†Scott, who¬†is revolutionizing¬†the¬†way¬†we¬†can¬†produce stunningly¬†effective, authentic and¬†cheappublicity¬†on the Internet,¬†with “the new rules of¬†PR.”

What is your personal style and you have a favorite designer / brand?

My style is feminine Рand I love clothes from Mango and Zara.

Domestic Diva training

Just came back from the gym. This is my kind of motivation. As a diva I DO care about my looks though God somehow chose to make keeping your figure more complicated the older you get. Hard work diva’s – hard work! Now hitting the shower whilst trying to get the kids to clean up their mess (I know I know, but I still have the hope I will succeed in that someday)

Have a lovely day Diva’s

/Domestic Diva kiss

Suburbia Domestic Diva Shopping

Totally fell in love with this lingerie. Gotta love suburb outlets – especially when they have thing in my size. Would have bought a lot more if they had the right sizes <3

Now "Amour Amour" from Buddha Bar and straight to bed. Moving closer to Copenhagen tomorrow. Country life over and out <3