Living in a Hula Hoop Hell

Gosh. I really must be a slow learner or just plain stupid. Believe it or not – today I went to the gym again, in spite of 2 days with painkillers. Man, when will I learn!

(Min Gud, jeg er bare ikke den skarpeste kniv i skuffen, eller også er jeg direkte dum! Tro det, eller ej – i dag smuttede jeg i Nøglehullet igen, trods 2 dage på panodiler. Hvornår lærer jeg det?)

First my usual 30min fatburning/climbing mountains on the treadmill…

(Først mine sædvanlige 30min med fedtforbrænding på løbebåndet)

Then some fitness in general (30 min)…

(Så lidt generel styrketræning samt vægte i 30min)


Only to end up doing the same stupid thing as last time. This time for almost 10 minutes!!! I tell you – I don’t think I will ever learn!

(Bare for at ende op med at gøre det samme latterlige stunt som sidst – Powerhoopen. Denne gang dog i 10minutter! Jeg siger jer – Jeg lærer det nok aldrig!)


Well, I will share some of the music I listen to while doing these crazy stupid things. This tune I just love, and it is brilliant for both the treadmill and workout in general (also the powerhoop from hell)

(Well, jeg vil dog lige benytte lejligheden til at dele et stykke skønt musik, som jeg hører imens jeg laver alle disse sindsyge ting i nøglehullet. Den er perfekt til både løbebåndet og styrketræningen – OGSÅ Powerhoop’en fra helvede)

Giampiero Ponte feat Moran – Sphynx (Club Mix)

Divalove/ Rikke

Dream big and take chances – Meet Sarah West in todays 5QQ’s

Today I am very excited. I have the honour of introducing you to one of my personal favorites, the divalicious, upcoming and very very talented musician – Miss Sarah West.

Miss Sarah West
Sarah West at Domestic Diva

The first time I heard about Sarah was in a Danish TV show on DR1 were she played the song “Magic” live. I totally lost my heart for this girl then. Her voice is so soft and yet powerfull, and playing live on air blew me away.

So who is this adorable young girl that stole my heart?

Sarah grew up in a small-town and always loved singing, playing and writing songs.
She moved to Copenhagen when she was 17 – and started building up her career.
Her breakthrough as a songwriter came last year with nr.1 of the year “Mest ondt” med Medina and Burhan G (jeps – landeplagen).

Mest ondt med Burhan G og Medina

She was recently discovered by “American Idol” judge Mr. Randy Jackson (Yes – THAT Jackson) – who has now taken her under his wings as an artist and a writer. How cool is that guys?!

Randy Jackson

She is currently doing her debut album in Tambourine Studioes in Malmø with Per Sunding (who also produced The Cardigans & Swan Lee among others), and will be touring from November 2011 in Denmark.

So, here are the famous 5 Quick Questions to Sarah West

– What do you do for a living and why?

Im a songwriter/artist – i write songs for artists in Europe, Asia and America – I spend most my time in either Copenhagen or Los Angeles performing and writing.. and I do it because I can’t help it. It’s who I am.

Oh, and I’m beginning my solo career right now! Its really exiting 😉

– Who/what inspires you?

I get that question a lot, and I usually answer: I don’t know for sure! Life I guess.. anything that makes my heart beat faster.

If i watch a sad movie or something on the news, if one of my friends are going through hard times, if my own life is a mess.

Or if the sky is blue and life is perfect for one little moment. Actually, sometimes – I dream melodies and when I wake up, I record them on my phone 🙂 They’re not all great though! I guess you can say I “sing in my sleep” 😉

– What is your passion in life and what makes you happy?

It’s to inspire people through what I do – and how I live my life. It’s to reach for the stars. Dream big and take chances. I wanna make my little mark in the world, and inspire someone else to reach their full potential – no matter what their gift is. If I can do that, it would make me really happy 😉

(other than that – chocolate, interior design – Beverly Hills 90210 – good coffee, long spa days, fleemarkets and cupcakes makse me REALLY happy 😉

– What is the best advice you would give your younger self #Dearyoungme?

Dear young me: Trust yourself and your talent. There are lots out there with gifts and talent, but there’s only one of you, so follow your heart, and remember who you are – when someone tells you who they want you to be – don’t listen – they wanted you for YOU in the first place (and get an accountant ASAP).

– What is your personal style and do you have a favorite designer/brand?

My style is classic – vintage and elegant. I mix the old with the new..

I’ve got curves (thanx mom) and I love ‘em, so I try to compliment them!

I love shoes – and I have way to much jewelry, just need a few diamonds in the collection… 😉

Ahm.. Favorite designer… not sure. But Roberto Cavalli, If I was rich, I’d definately go crazy on his collections! I usually do my shopping when I travel – My favorite cities to spend all the money I don’t have are London – New York and LA!

For dates, fansite and info please go to:
Sarah West Homepage – Sarah West Facebook Fanpage – Sarah West on Twitter

I hope you enjoyed meeting Sarah West as much as I have. That is a cool girl! <3

Divalove from Domestic Diva/Rikke

5QQ’s to the divalicious painter/artist Paul Enøe Johansson

Ohh – you Divalovers are in for a treat now! Let me introduce the Danish painter Paul Enøe Johansson.

Paul is quite a new friend of mine. I know Paul from my local gym (Yeah – when I actually get my act together, lift my fat butt from the couch, and go there), and I always enjoy his company. We both love art and photographing, so it is really nice to have someone interesting to talk to in between the sweats.

His paintings are really awsome. I mean really really divalicious! On top of that he made quite a name of himself on the Danish art scene. You can see some of his work here!

Some of my personal favorites are the “Shelf pictures” as seen here.

You can mix and match the as you please, which is an idea I really love.

AND they are really hot 🙂 !!!

Here we go….

Happy reading Divalovers!
/Divalove from Rikke

1) What do you do for a living and why?

Besides from being a painter, I am a teacher. It would supposedly be a shame for the students, if I wasn’t. I feel that I fill up an important place…

2) Who/what inspires you (and why)?

I’m inspired when interacting with other people. I can’t do many things alone. Also I am a dialectician …

3) What is your passion in life, and what makes you happy?

I am an intellectual and I absolutely love the dialogue. The combination of a woman and a talent is my passion, and that is what really inspires me in my paintings!

4) What is the best advice you would give your younger self #Dearyoungme?

I did the right thing when I was focused, and fought all the odd goals. I have been a good woodsman/lumberjack, a powerful semi-skilled worker at the B&W, a brave andobliging professional fisherman, a fast paperboy, an exciting workshop leader for the youth in a club, a avid writer author with important educational, political, and ethical messages, etc, etc.

Finally, now I am a painter as a hobby that fills the empty moments and keeps the heavy thoughts from everyday life in a distance …

5) What are your dreams and goals for the future?

My goals for the future are few and small …. I’m a very happy man!

I just hope I will always treat my wife decent, and I hope my body stays in shape till the end <3

The Painter

Divalove is in the air – fabulous 5QQ’s coming up!

Guys – please stay tuned. I’ve got some really nice profiles on my 5QQ’s (5 Quick Questions) coming up.

P.S. – got some ab-fab shoes on sale today. Saw some even more ab-fab snakeskin with BLIIIING 20 min later. Not on sale, but… Damn… can’t stop thinking of them now. Gotta have them! Will post pics of them later when I find decent ones to share!

Stylesnob Bargain
Ballerinas, Stylesnob

Until then. Share the Diva love all around you. Stay happy and positive <3
/Love Domestic Diva Rikke

Fred Perry goes “Back to Black” Amy Winehouse style

Houndstooth are HOT!

As you can read above (from Fred Perry’s homepage), Fred Perry has decided to launch the AW11 Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry collection. I absolutely adore this collection and I gotta find some money for shopping an item or 2. Not that Im a huge fan of Amy, but as some of you know, Im a huge fan of this 50’ies/Mad Men style. also has some of the SS11 collection left – You can shop it here!

What do you think?


Efter store overvejelser, og med godkendelse fra Amy Winehouse’s efterladte, har Fred Perry valgt at frigive AW11 “Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry” kollektionen. Stilen er totalt fed, og lur mig om jeg ikke skal spare op til en enkelt eller 2 af disse ikoniske designs? Ikke fordi det er Amy, men fordi jeg er en sucker for 50’er stilen 🙂 har en del tilbage fra SS11 kollektionen – du kan se og købe den her!

Hvad siger i til disse?

Vogue Leading a Sick Fashion World – I AM FURIOUS!!!!

This is sick sick sick.

I am completely harmed and furious about Vogue presenting small girls like this in a sexual way. I always LOVED Vogue, but this is really creepy, and a sign of The Fashion World loosing every contact with reality.

I have 2 small girls, and I don’t want them to grow up in a world where sick pedophile bastards can satisfy their sick needs in a public way like this! Not in fashion or any other industry.

Mom’s everywhere – please stand together in protest for the sake of our innocent kids! Write Vogue and show them how sick this kind of fashion articles are.

You can read the article here !!