It’s Friday and I’m in love

Yesterday I received a gorgeous new dress delivered by my postman. Last week Collectif had a big sale with 50% discount on everything to celebrate their new webshop. Unfortunately the servers crashed several times while I tried to shop, so all the dresses I wanted to buy, ended up being sold out. Luckily this baby was still available and of course I just had to wear it to work today. They did promise 28 degrees in Copenhagen ;).

Isn’t it lovely? I am absolutely in love <3


P.S. I already got 5 compliments on my Way to work – today is going to be a Good Day 🙂


Being strong…is not always easy!

Today one of my facebook friends Mikkel DeMib posted this on his wall, and it really touched me deeply. If he is for real – I hope this guy will stay strong. No matter what – the  message is really touching!

Please watch it here..

/Divalove to all the kids getting bullied

PS. Mikkel has a really cool blog about him testdriving a Tesla Roadster for 1 year. You can follow him here…