New Favorite Tune – Divamusic

Tonight I just got stuck and I ended up listening to this over and over again…

Please enjoy the wonderful Imelda May and Jeff Beck singing “Lilac Wine”



Imelda May and Jeff Beck
Imelda May and Jeff Beck

Gotye – Artist of the Week – Divamusic

I have got to share this. I have heard this song on repeat all week. It is by a band/artist called Gotye. The song is called “Somebody I used to Know”. About breakups etc…

What do you say? Yeah or No? (click on the pictures to see the video on youtube)

“Hearts A Mess” is actually quite good to! Listen here…


Hearts A Mess
Heart Is a Mess
Hearts A Mess
Hearts a Mess


Being strong…is not always easy!

Today one of my facebook friends Mikkel DeMib posted this on his wall, and it really touched me deeply. If he is for real – I hope this guy will stay strong. No matter what – the  message is really touching!

Please watch it here..

/Divalove to all the kids getting bullied

PS. Mikkel has a really cool blog about him testdriving a Tesla Roadster for 1 year. You can follow him here…