“All about that Bass” parody kicks serious butt “Bitch in Business”

It is no secret that I was pleased with my 11y old liking the song “All About That Bass”. Today however I watched this, and OMG… I’m loving it! This is so much me in business. How many times have I not heard people saying I am too strong 😉

Stay Strong Divas and remember – Bitches get stuff done… <3


Divamusic – Ingrid Michaelson "Girls Chase Boys" (a videotribute to "Simply Irresistible" by Robert Palmer)


New Favorite Tune – Divamusic

Tonight I just got stuck and I ended up listening to this over and over again…

Please enjoy the wonderful Imelda May and Jeff Beck singing “Lilac Wine”


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEKNgFs5bRE?rel=0&w=640&h=480]

Imelda May and Jeff Beck
Imelda May and Jeff Beck

Blue velvet by Lana Del Rey for H&M?

So H&M announced that they are going to use Lana del Rey for their campaign. They call it “Blue Velvet” and the trailer can be seen here! No doubt the H&M collection is going towards the 1950ies – 60ies, but many questions are in my my head.

Will she be singing the song?

Will the video pay respect to the cult film “Blue Velvet”?

Is Lana Del Rey able to make another hit album, or will she be a “one hit wonder”?

I guess time will show. Meanwhile I will be down at H&M shopping for a couple of classic dresses and a leopard cardi 😉

See ya!



Lana Del Rey for H&M
Blue Velvet

Gotye – Artist of the Week – Divamusic

I have got to share this. I have heard this song on repeat all week. It is by a band/artist called Gotye. The song is called “Somebody I used to Know”. About breakups etc…

What do you say? Yeah or No? (click on the pictures to see the video on youtube)

“Hearts A Mess” is actually quite good to! Listen here…


Hearts A Mess
Heart Is a Mess
Hearts A Mess
Hearts a Mess


Give Me All Your Luvin’ By Madonna – Divamusic

Yesterday I preordered Madonna’s new album on itunes, and as a bonus I got this new song called “Give Me All Your Luvin’ (feat. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.)“. Normally I really love her music and her ability to re-invent herself over and over again. Im not impressed this time though (yet), but the video is pretty cool as always.

I really hope the rest of the album is far better. Lets see – she manages to surprise me every time, so why not now. She is Madonna you know 😉

Give Me All Your Luvin