Things I want

Things I want

Louis Poulsen table lamp
4.240 DKK –

Upholstered accent chair
51.880 DKK –

Herman miller chair
10.490 DKK –

Vitra plastic chair
6.275 DKK –

“All about that Bass” parody kicks serious butt “Bitch in Business”

It is no secret that I was pleased with my 11y old liking the song “All About That Bass”. Today however I watched this, and OMG… I’m loving it! This is so much me in business. How many times have I not heard people saying I am too strong 😉

Stay Strong Divas and remember – Bitches get stuff done… <3


CDO Copenhagen Designer Outlet

Thursday I went to the opening of the new fashion outlet just outside Copenhagen in Høje Tåstrup, called CDO or Copenhagen Designer Outlet. The outlet is an extension of the existing shopping mall “City 2”.

The organizers behind this event, arranged for sweet alcohol-free drinks and sushi from one of my favorite sushi restaurants “Sticks and Sushi”. Also the beautiful danish celebrity blogger Ibi Støving, came and said a few words about her own blog that she runs with her husband Simon Makienok (a professionel soccerplayer). Their blog is called “Chrystal Kid and Baby Shark“. Ibi was there to tell about the effectfull use of videos in blogs.

After the intro (and the very tasty sushi 😜), we went behind the scenes to see the dressingroom the models use in connection with the fashion show. Some of the bloggers grabbed the chance, and acted as models for a while while trying the clothes on and having their picture taken by the model agency. I chose shortly after, to go out and have a look at the outlet instead.

CDO is the first fashion outlet in the greater Copenhagen area. In this mall you will find stores like Nike, Lacoste, Benedikte Utzon etc.

I think it is great that we finally have an outlet closer to Copenhagen, and I am sure there wont be a lack of customers there. Who doesn’t want to save some money 😏. I myself however really hate malls. They are noisy and I always miss a place to relax. I must say that I was excited to see that they actually gave it a thought, and created small booths around the place to relax – and let me tell you, a lot of people used them. Also I was pleased to see that the garbage bins included the possibility of sorting the trash. That’s a considerate touch that warms my heart.

By the way, the nice people behind this VIP event gave me a voucher worth DKK 300,- to use at CDO in Høje Tåstrup. If you are interested in winning this, please enter a comment on my Facebook page. I will find a winner during next week. Go ahead and share with your friends, and good luck.

/Divalove ❤️

























How to wear a tie as a woman

It’s friday, and it’s tie-time folks. I have always loved wearing a skirt, shirt and a tie, so I found some inspiring pictures for you right here:


Tip: As a woman you should go for the slim ties

Asos tie

jeans tie



If you even have a waistcoat in the back of your closet, dust it off and start wearing it together with a shirt and tie.


If you don’t know how to tie a tie, then don’t worry. Here’s a video that shows you how to tie a tie step by step

Some of you are maybe old enough to remember this scene from the movie “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

Pretty Woman Tie scene
Nice Tie! I got it for you

One of my favorite pair of shoes, are these beauties from the danish shoebrand Lola Ramona. They instantly make my black dresses look more festive and fun, and I always get tons of compliments when wearing them.

Lola Ramona Shoes with tie

Happy friday and enjoy this piece of music <3/Divalove